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If you would like information on your own home, please realize that we must see as much of the house as possible, to come to any kind of conclusion about whether or not it may be a kit house. Please be prepared to provide an address, so that we may look it up on Google maps Streetview, or through a real estate listing. We will also want to know what brings you to thinking that it may be a Sears house.

Historical Society Plaques

If you are a Historical Society interested in awarding plaques for specific homes understood to be Sears houses, please feel free to contact us to verify for you that the house does match a model offered in the Sears Modern Homes catalogs. In many cases, we may be able to tell you of homes in your town, that have actually been authenticated as Sears homes, and, in some cases, we may be able to tell you that the house in question is a kit house from another company (remember the case of the Anstett family of Torrington, Connecticut, who always thought that their family home was a Sears kit house... but, we were able to show them the purchase records verifying it to be from the Aladdin kit homes company!).

We offer this service free of charge, because we are interested in promoting knowledge of Sears Modern Homes houses, and we are all about accuracy. We do not, however, offer full-town surveys, looking for Sears (or other company) kit homes (that is a lengthy task, requiring sometimes weeks or months of work, and access to online databases for research). We are happy to share the research that we have already done, or verify a specific house or two, though... and we'd love to do it!